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What’s it all about?

Since the COVID-19 crisis started, we have been overwhelmed by how many of you have got in touch with POW across Europe, saying you still want to take action to protect the places and lifestyles we cherish––now even more than ever. 

We’d like to hear more! Together, we in the outdoor community can and should have a powerful voice on how we move forward positively out of this crisis and POW Europe plans to bring that voice to the European Commission and European government leaders. 

Here’s how

Starting on Earth Day (22 April 2020), we will be having a series of conversations across the POW Europe network to discuss what we’re missing in this time of COVID, what we’re not missing, and what good we’d like to see come out of this. We’ll be talking to athletes in the POW Riders Alliance, climate scientists and partners in the outdoor community and we’d like to hear from you all too. 

Please reflect, discuss, comment and send us your thoughts and ideas on these 5 questions:

  1.     What do you miss the most in this time of COVID-19 restrictions?
  2.     What activities that are suspended right now would you like to see NOT resume and why?
  3.     What new activities that were not happening before would you like to see continue or even invent from scratch?
  4.     What did you learn during the last 4 weeks?
  5.     What ideas and suggestions do you have that could help workers, businesses and communities make this transition to a new world and economy post COVID-19, where certain activities do not resume and other, new ones are developed? 

Email us, message us, join us during our live sessions, or comment on Facebook or the Instagram of your national POW chapter, on Tik Tok or LinkedIn, we welcome them all. Just don’t forget to tag #newpath and #poweurope

“All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man. The air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.”  Chief Seattle

What we’re doing?

POW Europe is preparing our submission to the European Commission’s public consultation on increasing its climate ambition and we will use all your comments and ideas to raise the outdoor community’s voice, and call on the Commission and MEPs to stay on track with the European Green Deal and increase Europe’s climate ambition for 2030. Stay tuned.

Why now?

The European Commission and governments are preparing to inject trillions to help the economy recover from this crisis. Rather than prop up old, fossil-fuel intensive industries, they have the opportunity to direct that money towards clean industries and a greener, more resilient economy that puts people and the planet over profits.

Meanwhile the European Commission is feeling the pressure to keep its European Green Deal on track and to increase its climate ambition to stay on track to meet the Paris Agreement. It has opened a public consultation and POW Europe is preparing our response.