After COVID-19?

As much as we’d like to be announcing to you the launch of our new campaign right now, this is not the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic affects us all and needs us to prioritise taking precautions and restricting our activity, in line with WHO and government advice.

So, thank you for being careful. Thank you for taking care of yourself and those around you. And thank you for understanding that POW events across Europe are now cancelled until further notice for our common safety and utmost solidarity. Please check in with your local POW chapter for updates. We can still take action for the climate during this tough time — through collective action online.

We have seen many parallels already being drawn between this crisis and the climate crisis: What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus? There are clear differences too. The transition to a climate friendly world we envision is one of new jobs, opportunities and better health, not one of recession, hardship and health problems.

But, as the skies clear over formally heavily polluted parts of the world, what this crisis is showing us is that, collectively, we are able and willing to act when we know we have to.

This crisis will pass – but climate change may soon become irreversible. So our hope is, that by the time we can all hug, high-five and hang again, we have also realised that our lifestyles of excessive consumption were not necessarily better lives, and that taking it slower actually had more benefits than just staying safe. Maybe more people will rediscover the wonders of #backyardadventures and the value in spending time with our loved ones. Maybe our governments, too, as they work to get us out of this crisis, will see the opportunity to shape economic stimulus packages that accelerate the transition to a renewable economy.

What we do know is that the outdoor community knows how to face up to challenging conditions. We adapt, we get creative, and we find new ways forward. And we will do that now too.

So… stay safe, stay sane, and let’s stay connected. Get involved in your local POW chapter, share this newsletter with friends and — if you haven’t already — follow POW Europe on LinkedIn.

We’ll get through this together. Take care,

Brita Staal & Marita van Oldenborgh
Protect Our Winters Europe