POW is launching its flagship school visit climate change education programme in multiple countries across Europe for the 2023/2024 academic year.
HPCA – Hot Planet Cool Athlete workshops will be delivered by POW crew members together with professional athletes from POW’s Athlete Alliance, who are experiencing the effects of climate change first-hand in the mountains.

HPCA has two versions:
•            HPCA – high school student age 11-14
•            HPCA meets climate fresk – students age 14-18

Both are fun, interactive, inspiring, and cover everything school students need to become our future climate advocates.
If you want your school class to take part in the coolest climate change education programme out there get your teacher to send us an email to your national team:

Italy – Info@protectourwinters.it
France – team@protectourwinters.fr 
Austria – hpca@protectourwinters.at
Sweden – info@protectourwinters.se
Finland – saara@protectourwinters.fi
Germany – mats@protectourwinters.de
Netherlands – hanna@protectourwinters.nl

If you are an athletes keen to get involved in HPCA please email: hpca@protectourwinters.at, or your local contact above.

A massive thanks to The North Face, and The VF Foundation for making this programme possible.