Protect Our Winters Europe Impact Report 2022

We present to you, the Protect Our Winters Europe 2022 Impact Report. As you explore each page of this report, you will uncover a year of resolute commitment and transformative action of climate advocacy and environmental impact. Released on Monday August 21st 2023, this comprehensive report is a testament to our relentless commitment, showcasing the strides made towards safeguarding the people and places we love from the impacts of climate change.

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At the heart of POW Europe’s vision lies an unwavering dedication to nurturing a sustainable and resilient planet. With a steadfast commitment to engaging the community and European chapters, this report will be used as a tool to amplify its impact and inspire collective action. 

In a world that teeters on division, POW Europe emerges as a unifying force, informing those how they can make a difference by turning passion into purpose. Athletes, politicians, activists, and industry representatives unite under a single banner: the preservation of our planet.

Looking back and celebrating collective wins:
+ Alliance Ambassadors excelling at the Winter Olympic Games whilst advocating for climate action.
+ Hosting the first-ever European Athlete Trainings, empowering over fifty athletes as climate advocates.
+ The Annual Leadership Summit and online POWer hour sessions furthered knowledge exchange.
+ The inaugural European POW Mobility Week engaged 20+ partners, tracked 20,000 sustainable kilometres, and ignited impactful content on sustainable travel.
+ Partnering with leading outdoor industry companies, garnering hundreds of COP27 signatories urging bold action.
+ Joining the European Network for Outdoor Sports.
+ EU funding supported the Erasmus+ project Zero Emission Rides with the World Snowboard Federation.
+ The success of a grant to engage under-represented groups in the outdoor climate movement.
+ Finally, welcoming new volunteers and staff, to enhance the team’s capabilities with their diverse expertise.

The report spotlights the remarkable impact of the nine European chapters in 2022, each of which has vigorously promoted climate advocacy through policy campaigns, education programs, and partnership projects. These endeavours solidify POW Europe’s mission to mobilise, advocate, educate, and protect, envisioning a future where winter sports flourish in a world unburdened by climate change threats.

In the year ahead, POW Europe embarks on groundbreaking efforts. Collaborating with athlete Julian Schütter, the organisation will champion increased climate action and transparency from FIS. The HPCA educational program, in collaboration with Austrian and German chapters, will be extended across eight European countries. The launch of the first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program spanning the Alps to Scandinavia and a partnership with Atomic for the inaugural Ski Industry Climate Summit further underscore POW Europe’s dynamic initiatives.

POW Europe’s passion lies in harnessing the communities’s passion for the outdoors for systemic climate action. There is much more that can and needs to be done, but together, we can work towards a sustainable future helping to leave a positive legacy.

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“We prioritise action over inaction, inclusion over division, and hope and positivity over tension. United, we have the potential to reach summits that were once distant dreams when standing alone.” — Jonas Schneider, Executive Director at Protect Our Winters Europe