Monday, 28th March, 19:00 (CET)


How can we continue to ski while reducing our impact on the environment? This is the question we asked ourselves with Tony Lamiche , Victor Galuchot and Liv Sansoz. After a lot of reflection, we found solutions that seemed relevant to our scale and we wanted to share them. All these changes have implied modifications in our daily life and in our professional life, but they have not degraded our way of practicing the mountain.

By: Gaëtan Gaudissard / Protect Our Winters France

Join intro and Q&A with film director and POW France general manager Antoine Pin

Saturday, 2nd April, 19:00 (CET)

12,000KM Trans-Siberian to Japan

The prevailing climate threat has made a bunch of Swedish extreme skiers and snowboarders travel with trains and boats from Stockholm through Russia all the way to Japan, in search of deep powder and the adventure of a lifetime.

By: Erik Nylander

Join intro and Q&A with POW Sweden Athlete Tom-Oliver Hedvall

Sunday, 3rd April, 19:00 (CET)


In Innsbruck. Powder. People. ‘imported local’ Neil Williman and filmer Timmy Schröder introduce this rag-tag collective of shredders, as they explore some of the biggest peaks and rowdiest lines in our very own backyard (and all accessed by public transport 🚌!).

By: Timmy Schröder, Daniel Bear, Alex Fuchs, Markus Tonak

Join intro and Q&A with POW Austria Athlete Timmy Shredder

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