POW and SCARPA form a new European Partnership

Protect Our Winters is proud to announce a new European level partnership with Scarpa. The Italian boot manufacturer based in Asolo “The City of a Hundred Horizons” has long been known for its cutting-edge mountain footwear but is now gaining prominence for its strides in reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

From photovoltaic installation on its company buildings that save 320 tonnes of CO2 a year to building products with repairability in mind, Scarpa is acting to protect the places we all love.
Scarpa’s latest innovation is the Maestrale Re-made a ski boot produced from waste production plastic that Scarpa has collected and catalogued over the last 30 years, this new boot creates 27% less co2 than the original.
The selling of this limited edition of 2022 pairs of Maestrale  Re-mades will support our work here at Protect Our Winters, funding our advocacy and campaign work both within the outdoor community and in the wider world.

“Today the winner is not the one who climbs the most difficult, the highest, or the most dangerous mountain, but the one who climbs the mountain without leaving any trace.” — Herve’ Barmasse.

“For over 80 years, we have created products that make it possible to visit the most beautiful places on the planet, for this reason, we decided to make our contribution to protect them, by supporting protect our winters.” —SCARPA.