POW welcomes FIS Impact Programme

Protect Our Winters welcomes the publication of the FIS Impact Programme 2024 as a huge step forward in climate action by the federation.

Throughout 2023 POW has called on FIS to take the leading role on climate that both our sport and our planet requires. Through an athlete-led open letter signed by some of the sport’s biggest names and a public petition that reached over 37,000 signatures within weeks of its launch, POW has consistently called for FIS to step up. This public-facing campaign has been backed by direct and continuing talks between POW and the FIS Sustainability Director.

The FIS Impact Programme 2024 addresses many of the action points raised by POW, either immediately, such as dropping the claim of “Climate Positivity” or with set timelines, as with the publication of a Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan. POW has agreed to work with FIS in helping it achieve some of these much-needed changes and will continue to act as a critical friend in monitoring the implementation of its programme.

POW would like to give thanks for the huge support it has received from both the public and the FIS athlete community in working with us on this campaign and highlight it as a time when collaborative and positive action can create real results. We look forward to closing the petition and starting on a new course working together with FIS for a better, more sustainable future for our sport.