Towards a New Path

Back in March, when it became clear that this was not a good time to launch our campaign targeting the aviation kerosene tax exemption (yes, that kind of handled itself, but let’s get back to that), we did a quick pivot. What did the outdoor community want from us?

Our live POW Europe Conversation online on Earth Day kicked off a month of live conversations across the POW Europe network between POW athletes and climate scientists, brand partners, policy makers and POW board members to listen, reflect, share and come together to forge a #NewPath going forward.


“There’s a moment right now, one that won’t last for ever. And so this is the time for people to engage with their policy makers and also to engage with organisations like POW.”

Rick Wheatley

POW Europe Advisory Board member

POW Conversations

Each POW chapter in Europe engaged their communities in their own unique ways. In France, freerider Leo Taillefer talked with POW Advisory Board member and glaciologist Heidi Sevestre about air pollution and cleaner mobility in sensitive mountain regions. In another live, freestyle skier Coline Ballet-Baz discussed the role the outdoor brands can play with Florian Palluel of Picture Organic Clothing. POW Austria ran a series of Instagram Lives featuring Alliance athletes Sabine Schöffmann and Alexander Payer, both raceboarders, and glaciologist Lindsay Nicholson. POW Switzerland’s athletes came together in a powerful video message. POW Germany hosted short video interviews, including with MEP Rasmus Andresen. POWs Norway and Sweden both ran online discussions sessions, to mention just some of the things that took place.

From reflection to action

Across the European POW channels we reached an audience of more than 220 000 and had wide engagement on our over 300 posts, videos, live streams and newsletters. We know that this outreach did not only produce great reflections, it also produced solid action. All countries have had dialogues leading to direct input or letters from our community to European governments on different ways to forge a #newpath.

Most importantly, the outdoor community has added its voice to calls to governments and the EU to ensure that the massive economic recovery spending being planned is green and just.