What Has The EU Done For Us?

The EU through its Green Deal and other European Initiatives has improved our lives in many ways. As Member States usually hold authority over how they choose to implement EU directives, the role of the EU is sometimes unclear.

If you want to know how the EU has impacted your life: In your region, in your life, and “in focus” then check out this website from Democracy in Action.

If you want to drive deep into the subject of the EU actions for the planet and EU Citizens then there is a great resource from our friends at Transport and Environment:

Our Manifesto Demands:

There is still much to do with our continent and planet facing a dual environmental and climate crisis.
Because of this, we have launched POW’s Manifesto.

Ride Bike Climb Vote: https://vote.protectourwinters.eu/manifesto

Backed by over a hundred organisations and brands from Europe’s outdoor community, it outlines key policy priorities for the next EU mandate (2024-2029). These priorities focus on four main areas, where the EU has already made progress and where we advocate for continued collaboration between the Parliament, Commission, and Council to reach the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal.

It calls for the next EU Mandate to:

// Support the green energy transition
// Improve & promote low-carbon mobility
// Accelerate biodiversity restoration and the protection of wild places
// End unsustainable business models and overconsumption

This Manifesto has been handed over digitally to MEPs and EU Commissioners, and in person at an event last month in Strasbourg, but we will continue collecting signatures from organisations right up to the date of the election.

What our climate, our ecosystems, and our society need now, is for us all to make a difference in June, and VOTE!

ps. If you need help choosing who you should vote for in your region, you can check out our scoreboards here: https://vote.protectourwinters.eu/scoreboard